Anjuna Beach

Anjuna Beach

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Anjuna Beach


Anjuna Beach is Goa's hottest and most celebrated beach. The rave culture of Anjuna has made it most popular among the western tourist. Goa trans music, the acid house parties, the red hued shore, the white sandy beach with rocky terrain connecting the beach and sea, the sawing palm groves all these have made Anjuna Beach a world class holiday destination for the tourist from all over the world. The beach was discovered by the hippies some time in the 60’s. The beach has three part, the North Anjuna where most of the beach shacks are located, the road from Mapusa takes a left turn here to take you to the Middle Anjuna where the famous flea market is and then to the South Anjuna where the beach is located. The beach is outlined by the red cliffs and white sand while the north and middle part just behind the restaurants is full of natural rocks. You can sit in a shore bar facing the sea with drinks in your hand and enjoy the rolling of the waves splashing the rocks and the bar wall. The cool breeze will give you the chilling effect and the dipping sun will give you the romantic mood. In the south you can have beach sports like beach volley ball or Frisbee; you can swim or take a sun bath lying on the white sand. Water sports are not present much in Anjuna because of the rocky terrain which keeps the sea calm with less under current and it is safe to swim in South Anjuna Beach. If the sea is calm you can enjoy snorkeling too. The main attraction of Anjuna Beach is the evening beach parties and Wednesday flea market. People come here to enjoy the sensation of these parties where they dance and drink. The sound of the surfs and beat of guitars give the beach a vibe atmosphere which will tempt you to visit Anjuna again and again to explore the treasures of the beach. During the Christmas and New Year Anjuna takes a festive look. Huge tourists come here and celebrate the festivals. If you are looking for solitude then Anjuna Beach is not your destination, you may try the small secluded beaches of northern end of Goa which lacks much of the facilities required for you. Originally the flea market was a place where the hippies used to sell their possessions when they ran out of money or some of them who were broker used to sell their goods. Here you can purchase a range of products starting from used items to handicrafts from different part of India. Try trinket shopping in the flea market. This market is very much popular among the tourist and without visiting the flea market your travel to Goa will be incomplete! You can collect some souvenir and take to your home along with some memories of Goa. Remember to have a good bargain before you purchase any item from the flea market. Some items are very common and are found in many shops so don’t hurry. The market runs from noon to till sunset.

Safety Note: Avoid swimming at north Anjuna and middle Anjuna because of rocks spreaded over the sea and shore. Swimming is fairly safe at south Anjuna. Watering activities are very limited.

Where it is: Anjuna is located in Northern Goa. It is 16 km from state capital Panaji.

Journey Route: If you start from Panaji then it is 20 minutes drive. If you are coming from Mumbai then stop at Mapusa from where it will take 15 minutes by bus to arrive Baga. Thivim is the nearest railhead. Dabolim is the nearest airport.

Tourist Season: From November to February. Huge crowd during Christmas and New Year.

Accommodations: Anjuna Beach Resort, Don Joao Resort, Laguna Resort, Florinda Guest Resort, Sun Village Resort, Maizons Lake View Hotel.

Eatery: Ariana Resturent, Casa Nostra, Crab Key, Olive’s Garden, Ollie’s Pub, Orgasmic, Sea Food & Sizzlers, Curly's Bar, Paraiso de Goa, Primrose Cafe.

Beach Activities: Limited swimming, Sunbath, Lazing, Evening Beach Parties.

Attractions and Sight Seeing : Anjuna Wednesday flea market, Cross country Baga.

Anjuna Beach