Udupi Beach

Udupi Beach

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Udupi Beach


Udupi is temple town of Karnataka located 60 km north of Mangaluru and is famous for two tiny beaches, Malphe Beach and Kaup Beach. 

Malphe Beach is an idyllic Karnataka holiday destination located 390 km away from the state capital Bangaluru, 66 km from Mangaluru and 6 km from Udupi district. The golden sandy beach, the swaying palm tree and the sparkling waves of the sea refreshes the travelers visiting Malphe. This is an ideal hangout beach for the solitude loving tourist. Along the shore line of the Arabian Sea this beach offers a picturesque view of the estuary of the Malphe River. Across the Malphe bay there is a secluded island named St. Mary which can be accessed by a 30 minutes boat ride from Malphe Beach. St. Mary Island is really a wonderful tiny piece of land in the middle of the sea sprinkled with black rocks both in the sea and sand. The crystal like columns of brown colored volcanic rocks in the middle of the island  will really astonish you for its mosaic texture. 

Kaup is another rocky beach which can be visited for its picturesque scenery and beach activities. In the evening People come here to enjoy the beauty of the setting sun and to shoot cool sea breeze.

Safety Note: Carry food and safe water for drinking if you visit St. Mary's Island. Kaup Beach is not safe for swimming but swimming can be done at Malphe Beach.

Where it is: Udupi is 60 km north of Mangaluru and 400 km west of state capital Bangaluru.

Journey Route: Mangaluru is the nearest big stop and it is nearly 1 1/2 hrs journey from Mangaluru and 10 hrs journey from Bangaluru. Udupi is the railhead and Mangaluru is the nearest airport.

Tourist Season: From November to February

Accommodations: Hotel Kediyoor, Hotel Karavali,Pancharatna Paradise, Udupi Residency, Paradise Isle Beach Resort.

Eatery: Sagar and Sarovar at Hotel Karavali,Samudra Bar and Restaurant, Mitra Samaj, Sandhya.

Beach Activities: Swimming, Lazing.

Attractions and Sight Seeing : St. Mary's Island, Sri Krishna Temple, Mariamma Temple, Chandramouleeshwara Temple, Ananteshwara Temple, Pajaka and Kunjaru Betta.

Udupi Beach