Mammallapuram Beach

Mammallapuram Beach

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Mammallapuram Beach


Mammallapuram Beach is a suburb beach of Mammallapuram city of Tamilnadu and is best known for its Shore Temple which is one of the world heritage site declared by UNESCO. Mammallapuram also known as Mahabalipuram  is the beach city of Kanchipuram district which is one of the seven sacred places of the Hindu religion. For its temples, beach and its close location to Kanchipuram, the beach city Mammallapuram gets huge tourist every year. Tourists get pleasure when they pass their idle holidays in the beach which is yet to loose its natural look to beach commercialization. Fisherman and the local community are seen to do their daily activities on the beach in their own way and don’t hamper the beach activities of the beach tourists. Though not tip top but you will not dislike the natural look of the beach. Here the sea is dangerous to swim because of the undercurrents. Swimming can be done very close to shore. You can have a boat ride if you can manage the local fisherman. They have special boat built by wooden logs and riding such type of boat in the sea is really a great experience. Important thing in this kind of ride is that you must wear life jacket. The famous chariot of Mahablaipuram  is another attraction near the beach. Mahabalipuram is the place where the Carnatic War took place and French navy was defeated by the British force. 

Safety Note: There are no lifeguards on the beach but this should not stop you going for swimming at Mammallapuram. If you are not a strong swimmer than what you can do, is to splash yourself at knee deep water. As many devotees visit the beach it is advised not to wear conservative dresses which may hurt local culture.

Where it is: Mammallapuram is located 58 km south of state capital Chennai.

Journey Route: If you drive from Chennai by bus it will take nearly 1 1/4 hour. Nearest railhead is Chengalpattu.Chennai is the nearest airport.

Tourist Season: From November to February

Accommodations: Hotel Tamil Nadu, GRT Temple Bay and Beach Resort, Ideal Beach Resort, Mamalla Beach Resort, Golden Sun and Beach Resort, Sterling Mahabalipuram Beach Resort,

Eatery: Wharf at Temple Bay Resort, Pongamiya at Sterling Resort, Mammalla Bhavan, Blue Elephant, Luna Magica, Moonraker, Seashore, New Cafe.

Beach Activities: Swimming, Playing.

Attractions and Sight Seeing : Shore Temple, Arjuna's Penance, Krishna's Butterball, Mahishasuramardini Cave Temple, Adivaraha Cave Temple, Tirumurthi Cave Temple.

Mammallapuram Beach